Everything we make has an environmental impact, there's no way to get around that. However we strive to reduce our impact as much as possible. 

- All our tees are all organic cotton using GMO-free fibre that required 91% less water than standard cotton. This means the cotton to produce one t-shirt is estimated to require only 243 litres of water, in comparison to standard cotton which requires 2,700 litres of water for one t-shirt.

- Blank materials are certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) and have the highest rating of 'level 4 - Leading' on the textile change index

- We only use water-based ink when printing. 

- The dye we use is non-toxic and has a 70% high absorption rate into the fabric.

- All our packaging is recyclable.

- All our products are 100% vegan.


However we aren't perfect, all companies will tell you how environmentally friendly they are, but not the ways their products will cause an impact. In an effort to combat greenwashing we want to be upfront about the issues in our production and the steps we've taken to combat them:


- I estimate the tie dying process uses around 10 litres of water per tee - I have cut this down from 60 litres per tee over time by increasing the batch size

- I use plastic gloves when tie dying - I have manage to cut down the number of single use gloves used to roughly 2 per tee.

- Our blank tees are produced in Bangladesh, they are produced in Fair Wear Foundation audited factories and made with sustainably sourced materials.  However this means they have to be shipped to the UK. This isn't ideal but we make sure to get all out tees from a UK supplier to prevent extra shipping and any air-miles.


Unlike our environmental impact there's no need for any of our products to negatively impact the people involved in producing them. This is why our products are all audited by the Fair Wear Foundation.