Aravind Selvam

Aravind's a serious crack addict from Chennai. With a wealth of inspiring lines and unclimbed rock around South India he's always out there scoping out new projects and nabbing first ascents. Single pitch crack climbs are where he really excels, having climbed 8a/7c+ on trad gear.

How did you start climbing?

When I was 21, a friend mentioned that I should check out rock climbing after he noticed that I was comfortable on scrambles! I had no clue that climbing was an actual thing that people pursue or that it was a sport! Got back home, googled rock climbing and the first video I popped up was, Honnold soloing Half Dome! That definitely was the hook.

Favourite style of climbing?

Cracks for sure! The size doesn't really matter, as long as there's some body part jammed/stuck in there, I'm stoked!

Biggest achievement in climbing?

My proudest ascents definitely are Yabadabadoo (7b+) and Be water my friend (7c+/8a). I had invested an insane amount of my time and energy, projecting both of these lines and there's been a lot of growth in my climbing and as a person, thanks to these lines!


Cobra cracks definitely high up on the list! I've dug out every single video of Cobra, watched it probably a thousand times over the last 4 years and I know the beta move for move. Hopefully, in the next couple of years!
Definitely psyched to also establish a few 5.14 crack lines, locally here in India!

What does your training look like?

Usually, it's just going outdoors and climbing every other day! If I'm working on a huge project away from home, then I try and create a training routine that is as close to the project as possible.

Do you think you'll ever be able to climb your way out of puntersville?

My chances of doing that are smaller than retrieving a slotted RP that has taken a 100 foot whipper!

Favourite climbing film/video?

I consume an almost unhealthy amount of climbing content, so it's a long fucking list. But off the top of my head,
Boys in the Bugs
Dawn wall
Safety third
Live Climb Repeat