Embrace Your Inner Chicken!

Author: Stanley Hunter

Tor + Edge athlete Aravind Selvam explains where the idea behind the new 'Embrace Your Inner Chicken' Tee came from:

 This was one complete bullshit theory that I came up with when we were pretty wasted and later, the more I thought of it the more it made sense. So it started off with, how we are just dumb like chickens projecting boulder problems for years at end; grades way over our head, with just blind faith when all odds, logic and sometimes even physics are stacked up against us; just like them chickens that constantly try to take flight even though their bodies are not designed to fly! But they end up trying it and doing those majestic 5-6 feet high flailing flaps all the way to their deathbed or onto someone's dinner plate (fuck that's dark!)

Have you seen them peck away at dirt? Chickens are the OG 'boomerangers' as they've been doing boomerangs, centuries before instagram came up with that shit! I also was hellbent on writing to NASA to send chickens to space to help them believe that they can actually fly. As Neil Strongarm says "One small hop for a chicken, but one giant leap of faith for all chickenkind" I also kept screaming like a choking chicken that whole night and when I knew it annoyed my friends, I started spamming them chicken scream voice notes (I still do!)


Calling someone a chicken usually refers to them being afraid of something, and it usually is seen as a negative thing. But being afraid maybe isn't such a bad thing after all. Only when you're afraid/uncomfortable you grow and such situations seldom come in this modern world of comfort and security. And like chickens, you need to keep pecking away persistently in the face of adversity to come out flying, way stronger! Always remember to embrace your inner chicken; that is how we evolve and grow.

Maybe there's already some chicken that has hacked this matrix we're living in and is flying, gloriously up in the sky! Next time when you see something up in the sky and go is it a bird? a plane? superman? Know that there are higher chances of it being a bird than it being superman; for all you know, it could be the Zen Chicken! bakkkkaaqqq