Small Brown, direct start

one to come back for when it's not roasting, stunning (and scary)

The Crease Direct

Took too long at the grade but its just superb, great line and the epitome of grit movement, hard till you know how. I found a palm down and roll over made it feel easy for me (classic knacky grit) and Cam just skipped all that techy bollocks and threw directly up to the pocket - because of course he did.


Pretty chill onsight by Cam then I lead it on his gear (and couple extra wires as his gear was 'minimalist') as the rope drag was too bad to pull it up for me to second. Forgot any slings so he had two quickdraws (not enough) together to extend the cam under the roof, to add to the punter level Cam kept saying "set" talking about a routes first ascent. King of the Punters.
Cam was breaking in a new pair of Scarpas, classic rule that if you're not bleeding then you can size down again.
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